Chris Childs

Former Director of Production at Newsmax

Former Director (company) at TheBlaze

Former video production manager at Christ Chapel Bible Church

Lives in Arlington, Texas

From Odessa, Texas

I came to be a Libertarian by way of listening to Penn Jillette on his podcast. I had felt like the republicans were changing back in 2012 and I vowed to not settle again.

Then when Trumpy Trump came on the scene I saw the total transformation of the party and I was done. I couldn’t vote for Gary Johnson but knew where I was heading in terms of party affiliation.

I think from this point forward the party needs to grow from the bottom up. We need more quality candidates at the local level and build upon that. If we can’t elect Libertarians at the local level we cannot expect anyone on the national level to take us seriously.

This country is in trouble because we are so divided and I don’t see anything on the horizon to bring us together. Hell, I am not even sure another 9/11 type incident could do it.

I honestly am not sure how bringing us together is going to happen. People need to start thinking for themselves and quit listening to what CNN and Fox and all the other alphabets say and do the research. 

I have been involved in several biggish media organizations and know the belly of the beasts.

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