Marshall Beerwinkle

Liberty-the mother, not the daughter of order. -P J Proudhon

I have always been a libertarian. Like Voltarine de Cleyre said, some of us are just born that way. Growing up as an Army brat in the ‘50s and ’60’s, living around the country, and in Okinawa in high school during the Vietnam War, broadened my perspective of the world.

What kind of libertarian? ’60’s libertarian. Parts Old Right, New Left (just a tincture), 19th Century Individualist, classical liberal, laissez-faire to be sure,  but interested in social movements and people like Saul Alinsky, Emma Goldman, and others who want to push society freely in directions not beloved by certain pure market theorists….as in a cash nexus for everything. 

That does not mean statism. Not interested in violent social movements to affect change. But they should be studied to avoid them.

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