DeAnna Rice

We should NOT be afraid of our government… they should be afraid of The people

I knew I wasn’t Democrat or republican … just me. A person that wanted to be left alone and to raise my kids as I saw fit… never voted before this year.

A lot of things have caused me to become anti-government. Hearing things from this platform reminded me of what we are about… where we should be and what we have become.

I’m very new at all the politics but this year had my full attention. My vision for the world…. where everyone gets along because everyone; Respects other’s choices.

A place where you don’t go to jail for driving to work… a place where you don’t buy your house and pay taxes on it every year… a place where you can be trusted to run your business without BS regulations and rules.

A place where I am free to choose whatever I want, when I want, how I want.

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