Evan Wade

Member of Self-Determination Advocates since November 4, 2020

Voting is the failed attempt to give your rights away, to abdicate your sovereignty, your responsibility to make your own decisions. Even voting cannot do these things.

Sovereignty, your rights, your responsibility to make ethical, moral decisions is bound by and cannot be separated from Natural Law, and following for any length of time an illusory authority – and all authority is illusory – goes against Natural Law and is therefore folly.

Hence, government itself goes against Natural Law and is therefore also folly. (You may have noticed a creepiness about the word governmental… govern mental.) Government is an unnatural condition and freedom is a natural state.

We’re taught as children that obedience to authority is a virtue and that doing as you’re told makes you a good person and all of the worst tyrannies in history depended upon people believing that.

In reality, being moral means following your conscience and doing the right thing even when “authority” tells you not to. “Authority” is a word used for psychological manipulation and exists only in the minds of those who believe they have the power to wield it and those who believe they have an obligation to obey. 

Nature (Natural Law) is the answer to what is (a) right or wrong. What if we align ourselves with Natural Law (God’s Law, Universal Law, Karmic Law, the Law of Consequence,) by using the ancient and accepted, tried and true truth discovery process known as the trivium education methodology, in order to get the maximum experience from our potential as sentient beings?

What if the purpose of our collective existence is to steadily increase our conscious awareness until we can master our ability to develop sapience, the ability to make correct conscious choices, utilizing proper discernment, to bring about positive effects, conditions, and relationships in our world? 

Could this process be the goal of the spiritual journey and the manifestation of the Will of Creation? Is it the evolution of consciousness?

Natural Law – the set of universal, inherent, objective, non-man-made, eternal and immutable conditions which govern the consequences of behaviors of beings with the capacity for understanding the difference between harmful and non-harmful behavior – is the only real law and it is intrinsically known to us all subconsciously and to some of us consciously.

The more people that bring it into their consciousness, the less unethical or immoral behavior there will be and the more freedom there will be, they (freedom and morality) are directly proportional.

I think everyone has intrinsic knowledge of Natural Law either subconsciously or consciously, and that those of us who are conscious of it are obligated by it to do our best to spark curiosity about it to those who don’t hold it in their consciousness.

Because it is more closely aligned with Natural Law than the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence is only words on parchment unless the meaning of them is understood and lived in the hearts and minds of people.

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