Matthew Ryan Butts

Vice-Chair at Libertarian Party of Kern County

California Coordinator for the Mises Caucus

Lives in Rosamond, California

From Campbellsburg, Kentucky

How did I become a Libertarian?

I was the non-voter a lot of Libertarians say they want to reach but it wasn’t lukewarm statements that got me interested. I have a socialist friend that had me leaning towards Bernie but if I was going to actually vote I needed to hear both sides.

So, I tuned in to the first Republican debate in 2015, I knew Trump wouldn’t allow it to be boring, also I heard that my Senator was running and I remembered he was cool with weed. (Rand Paul, I had no idea at the time) 

Rand made a profound and radical statement that changed everything for me, “For every terrorist we kill with a drone bomb, we create 10 new terrorists because innocent people get caught up in these blasts and they have loved ones who now hate America” 

It just made so much sense.  Rand toned it down after that, which is why I think he lost so badly.

What kind of Libertarian am I? 

I consider myself a Rothbardian style Voluntaryist, I’ve dropped the Anarchist label for many reasons. I hold more traditional values than I do libertine.

I’m a Christian, my girlfriend and I have built a strong family unit, and for example, while I don’t think there should be laws against sex work, I don’t think that such pursuits are healthy for people to be engaged in. 

So it would be fair to say that I lean right and my personality often reflects my right leanings as well.

What would I like to see happen?

With the LP I would like to see a bolder message that highlights the evils of government; that the people in power aren’t just misguided goofs who bring us unintentional consequences. 

I think the consequences are intentional and that the people in power are not good people, to say the least. A message that rejects cultural Marxism and can soundly define what CM is without falling into racist and bigoted rhetoric.

What is my vision for the country… the world?

I think that decentralization, nullification, and ultimately secession is the only viable path forward to retaining and building free societies in America with perhaps an updated version of the Articles of Confederation for the purpose of defense for those states who would want that.

My vision for the world is for the natural rights of all people to be acknowledged and respected by all regimes and all people.

How can we make these changes happen? 

Politically speaking we need to take over local governments, elect Libertarians to city and county municipalities who aren’t scared of words like nullification and secession.

Outside of Political activity, I think that agorism should be adopted as much as possible without completely withdrawing from the current statist society. 

Also a renewed focus on implementing libertarianism into American culture and supporting those artists and cultural figures. SDA can help by mobilizing volunteers to push drug decriminalization ordinances.

Specifically blue areas in red states and gun rights sanctuary ordinances in red areas of blue states. 

And right now, any anti-lockdown efforts are greatly appreciated by people in our communities.

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