Anthony Charles Olsen (Tony Ferris Olsen)

I love to discuss freedom, religion, computers, family, and fun things. I seek for truth.

“How did you become a libertarian?”

Like most people, I started out being trained to think like a socialist, but life’s experiences showed me that freedom produces greater social and economic prosperity than force/controls do.  

I spent 2 years serving a mission in former East Germany and that taught me a lot about the pitfalls of Socialism.  Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged also made a compelling argument.

“What kind of libertarian are you?”

I believe in both social freedom and economic freedom.

“What would you like to see happen?”

I’d like for people to have a place they can go to live extreme economic and social freedoms and prosper.  To see succeed would achieve this.

“What is your vision for this country and the world?”

If murder, kidnapping and theft were made illegal, but everything else was legal, then people would peacefully find the best solutions to life’s problems – and they’d do so much faster than what we’re currently used it.  

I believe this would lead to peace and prosperity, which I wish for the world.

“How do you see these changes occurring?”

Socialism is addictive and people are taught to fear freedom… so I don’t think most people would willingly accept freedom.  Instead, let those who understand and seek freedom leave and live in peace in our own sea steading micronation.

“What can Self-Determination Advocates do to help?”

Help us make Freedom Haven a success. 🙂

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