Jim Carigan

born on a mountaintop in Chattanooga TN; killed him a bar when he was only 3

Student Facilitator at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UK

Columnist and blogger at Everything-Voluntary.com

Former Asst. Professor (retired) at Kentucky State University

How did you become a classical liberal? 

Thoreau to Paine to Bastiat to Locke to Twain to Mencken to Rand to Rothbard to Higgs

What kind of classical liberal are you?  

Natural law, free market

What would you like to see happen?  

Disintegration of state

What is your vision for this country and the world?  

This country disintegration from irrelevance; the world, Evolution

How do you see these changes occurring? 

Evolution and Occam’s Razor 

What can Self-Determination Advocates do to help?  

Pursue positive Evolution through memetic influences.

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