Jordan Gitterman

Akashic au Courant ushering in a Decentralized Fourth Industrial Revolution

How did you become a libertarian?
I was born into it. My father did whatever he wanted. I grew up wanting to do the same. I matured, adopted the Non Aggression Principal, learned Austrian Economics and a deeper understanding of freedom.

What kind of libertarian are you?
I am a free one. If one were to categorize – Voluntaryist Agorist.

What would you like to see happen? What is your vision for your country and the world?
It would be great if the people were to unite and concentrate on the major issues that nearly everyone in nearly every political spectrum can agree on. A good start for the United States would be to follow the constitution.

My vision for all is that non-victimless crimes to be treated as non-crimes, the rejection of central bank counterfeiting, medical freedom, the respect of property rights and natural law.

How do you see these changes occurring?
The answer is standing right in front of us. “In this historic hour of darkness – when the broken-hearted people living in the world agree there will be an answer.”

Agree to disobey dictates that despots thrust upon us. It will take a massive unification and civil disobedience. The antidote to much of humanities problems is opting into systems that are not controlled by the power structures that have cause most our problems and blame the populace.

They seek a “Reset” where they remain in control which the people can easily reject by opting into independent news, social media, education and communication methods.

Independent commerce such a barter and the growing of food. Voluntary decentralized currencies on permission less blockchains and commodity backed digital sound money ecosystems will save a lot of grief.

Sound money gold, silver, or models like Item Banc who is tokenizing the value of BHN – basic human needs – food, shelter, clothing, medical, and paper products.

Or any number of digital assets that offer privacy and are backed by hard goods unlike the current system which is backed by debt and confidence; and with the former inflating the later is waning.

What can Self-Determination Advocates do to help?
Self-Determination Advocates can educate people on freedom resources and movements and introduce them to each other.

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