Punam Giri – License

Live your life free… Do not think of the world. The world is too busy with something else…

Council Member at U.S. Embassy Youth Council Nepal

Admin & Visual Media Officer at Bikalpa an Alternative

Wanted to tell you about Punam Giri’s short film “License.”

After repeated failures to get a driving license, Jeevan continues selling milk on his motorbike until he is fed up with paying bribes for not having a license.

Eventually, he is forced to bribe a middleman to get the license. The short movie portrays the ordeal of a common man fighting against a corrupt administrative structure that seems to be working in tandem to add on to the commoner’s woe.

You can see the film here:

How is the video business going?

Actually, I only make videos for Bikalpa. I work full time here. It’s a think tank. Bikalpa an alternative. I occasionally do outside videos beside Bikalpa and I also look after the administration.

What does the think tank do; what is the vision?

Bikalpa – an Alternative – For Freedom For Prosperity. You can check it here: bikalpa.org; We work on liberal values and advocate for sound public policy on liberal values.

“Bikalpa- an Alternative envisions a Nepal where rule of Law is supreme and all citizens can have an equal opportunity to prosper in their own country and enjoy their rights to Life, Liberty, and Property.”

What is the plan to achieve that vision?

We organize training, Do research, and advocate with policymakers based on our research. Targeted groups for training are bachelor’s students. So we share our ideas and how policy influences us in our daily life.

So, you work with college students mainly?

No, we also work with policymakers, bureaucrats, professors, students, we work with all of them.

Is there much interest in Classical Liberalism in Nepal?

You can see more on our website. It’s a new thing here. And there are many people who think it’s a western idea and won’t work here. But people will give their interest after you share your idea.

They think it won’t work in Nepal… What reasons do they give?

People mostly think it’s a western idea because they are a developed nation.

They think it will work for more developed nations… but not in Nepal?


How do they see Nepal developing, or do they want to be developed?

They see Nepal developing.


This is their answer. GDP – has slightly increased but these people still believe Nepal is developing and will take time.

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