8.5 Countries Freer than the U.S. With a Cheaper Cost of Living!

According to the Human Freedom Index just out today. The US is now tied for the 17th freest country on this planet. I use Numbeo’s Cost of Living Plus Rent Index. It uses New York City as a benchmark at 100.

The United States has a  Cost of Living Plus Rent Index of 56.69. The Netherlands ranked the 14th freest country has a COL+R of 55.62. The freest country in the world currently is new Zealand with a COL+R of 52.31!

If you can’t afford the freest country in the world. Finland is the 11th freest with a COL+R of 49.91, Sweden the 9th freest country is even cheaper at 49.69. Austria the 15th freest is only 49.64.

Canada the sixth freest is even less at 48.21! The UK is a little cheaper at 47.48 but it is tied with the US for 17th place. Germany is tied with Sweden as the 9th freest country on the planet but is a little cheaper with a COL+R of 47.16

But, if you are going for value, I would go with Estonia the 8th freest country with a COL+R of only 34.26!

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