Celeste Garrett

I think I have always been a Libertarian and just didn’t know what to call it. I first learned of the LP in 2015 and I was like FINALLY! Other people believe government should be fiscally responsible as well as stay out of day to day life as much as possible!

I don’t subscribe to any specific caucuses – I believe that sort of division is unnecessary and hurts the cause of liberty. That said, I am very much a MYOB Voluntaryist Libertarian.

I believe the more we try to regulate each other rather than educate or help each other, the more we allow those in power to stay in power. We are often being played and we need to see it and stop participating. 

What I would LOVE to see in my country is a stop to the growth of government. It seems any time anything happens, more laws and more restrictions and more departments are established – all at OUR expense. 

Nobody asked me if I wanted to pay for such regulation (I don’t). And yet here I am, working nonstop to eke money for food while also supporting many programs with which I don’t even agree. 

Also, most programs don’t help the way they are intended. They are so heavy laden with special interests and restrictions and requirements that in the end they just cost everyone more.

I would like to see a drastic decrease in spending overall and allow the market to correct. I would like to see an increased focus on community, trade, and working together.

Until we can do this, those in power will remain in power because we’re too busy fighting each other. I am also aware that these are grand paradigm shifts and that I am only one person.

So I do what I can through my interactions with others, as well as by supporting Libertarian candidates and causes as well as welcoming newcomers to the party. 

From what I can see, Self-Determine Advocates is an international organization. While I believe Liberty is for all, I also think it’s important that we recognize that we can most affect change within our own personal interactions and in our own communities.

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