Emily Brown

social market anarchist, trans, autistic, philosophizer, language-maker, nerd 我很痛苦 请帮忙我

How did you become a libertarian?

It started off gradually, then I got pushed far over the edge pretty hard by a video. I used to be a conservative long, long ago — however, I was compelled to question some of the inconsistencies I saw in conservative ideas; in rhetoric — specifically, with the idea of liberty. 

I spent a lot of time thinking on the subject, which gradually pushed me slightly more libertarian over time. Then I stumbled on a video by the YouTuber StormCloudsGathering called the “Declaration of Natural Rights,” which introduced me to the idea of the non-aggression principle and put a lot of things together for me. 

That pushed me over the edge pretty fast; deep into libertarian territory. My thinking has evolved beyond that video since then, but it was still instrumental to me getting past the hump of my own biases toward mainstream politics and introducing me to new possibilities.

What kind of libertarian are you?

Centrist libertarian and social market anarchist. I don’t really agree with any existing schools of thought, so I have put together my own — mutual autonomy.

What would you like to see happen? What is your vision for your country and the world?

Mutual respect for personal autonomy.

How do you see that occurring?

Direct action, mutual aid, counter-economics, and ultimately insurrection — or else not at all.

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