Rush Limbaugh: ‘We may be ‘trending toward secession’

Rush Limbaugh: ‘We may be ‘trending toward secession’ “There cannot be a peaceful coexistence of two completely different theories of life” Do you agree with him?

April Reigne We’re way ahead of Rush when it comes to secession ….…/Making_the_case_for_Texas…

Jeff Williamson I think it’s possible. And I don’t listen to Rush for the record.

Gloria B. Jenkins I do agree with him. But I have doubts as to how actually different Democrats and Republicans are from each other. As Lincoln so eloquently said, “A house divided itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free.”

And that is true today, as well. We cannot live together when half of the country wants to be wards of the state and half want to be free.

April Reigne Gloria B. Jenkins Lincolns goal wasn’t to free slaves, it was to “keep the union together” by violently forcing States to stay. The States weren’t seceding to keep slaves but to keep from being overtaxed, usurpation of local/state govt, non-equal protection of the law, etc etc etc…/declaration-causes…

Gloria B. Jenkins April Reigne I know that Lincoln’s goal was to save the union. Nevertheless, that is what he said and he was right. South Carolina seceded because of the presumed hostility toward slavery of the elected President and they could see the mood of the nation turning against slavery.

They didn’t want to be in the minority, barred from moving around the country with their property, which they would have been.

Elisabeth Larsen He finally admitted it; I’m shocked!

Kevin Heldermon The only thing that makes the two theories different is who they “claim” to serve.

David Reeves Dibs on New Hampshire to Florida being Ancapistan.

John Elkins Florida in the Winter, New Hampshire in the summer?

David Reeves John Elkins and we got all the ports and beaches.

John Elkins Florida?

David Reeves John Elkins The entire coast… from Georgia to Virginia. lol I know greedy right.

John Elkins How is greedy, doin?

David Reeves John Elkins Or just Virginia to Florida. They can have new England.

John Elkins Who is this, “They”? you use a lot of “We’s” and “They’s.”

David Reeves John Elkins we are voluntaryist. They are statists.

John Elkins Oh, you are voluntaryist?

David Reeves John Elkins anarchist. . however you want to say it. Peaceful liberty lover.

John Elkins me too.

Greg Cantin Me too

Matthew Ryan Butts

Andy Evans Those of you in the northern reaches in Michigan – we need to talk. It’s time to finalize the divorce !! Tired of the southern counties ****ing around on us. 🙂

Andy Evans Cascadia on the Pacific Coast, New England, and the Upper Midwest… those should all be encouraged to form their own nations. The remainder of the West, Midwest, and South could likely still co-exist for now.

John Elkins At one time there were secession movements in all 50 states and parts of Canada.

April Reigne Canada never seceded from being under the rule of royalty… At least the 13 states tried.

John Elkins April Reigne According to Human Freedom Index… Canada is Freer than the USA… and they are more open to secession…

April Reigne John Elkins they’ve yet to secede from the royal family.

John Elkins Yes, like the Channel Islands, BVI, and the Cayman Islands… some of the freest places on the planet. imho

April Reigne John Elkins I’d like to see those numbers after the global lockdowns…

John Elkins I am sorry, I don’t have the numbers… just my opinion.

Sean Leal I disagree completely. All one has to do is look at the vast and varied religious differences in this country to understand we can coexist with diametrically opposed ideas so long as they ARE NOT FORCED upon one another.

The reason people get angry at each other is because either they will be forced to accept being ruled by someone they hate, or will impose a ruler onto others who *they* hate.

A same-sex couple could be guarding their pot farm with their AR15s next door to a Catholic school with no problems until one of them forces the other how to live.

Politics injects anger and fighting into ordinarily peaceful situations.

Andy Evans Sean Leal – but force and aggression are the very definition of our current Federal Government. Every new law passed only serves to siphon more power from the States and the People.

The 10th Amendment was written for good reason, and Thomas Jefferson is surely spinning in his grave.

Andy Evans In 1900, federal spending was only about 3% of our GDP – now it can be 20% or more.

Sean Leal Andy Evans you are correct. Force and aggression ARE the very definition of the federal government. And the state governments. And the county and city governments.

The 10th Amendment is worthless. The Constitution “authorizes” the use of force. The Constitution is a document of violence.

John Elkins Yes, Sean Leal I agree, If we get a government that just protects life, liberty, and property… we will have so much less to argue and vote about.

John Elkins Andy Evans I wonder… In one of Heinlein’s novels… maybe “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.” They had a section of the legislature whose only job is to repeal laws that weren’t doing the job.

I don’t like adding another arm of government. So, Congress’s only job is to pass laws… but we need fewer… not more.

Andy Evans John Elkins – I think the first way to stop the tide of liberty killing legislation is to starve the beast. We need constraints on both taxation and spending.

If you just limit taxation then the borrowing and money printing still continue. Every dollar that flows to the Federal treasury is another dollar seized from the free market, and much of that dollar goes toward funding more bureaucracy and more tyranny.

Mike McRedmond yes

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