Efrem Jose Cedillo

From Private Cedillo to Commando

How did you become a libertarian, and what kind of libertarian are you?

Well I was an anarchist as s teenager. I learned how insane Marxism is at the University of Wisconsin, today I believe in limited government. I’m libertarian but I’m not sure where my beliefs compare with other libertarians.

I am against all socialism especially socialized healthcare and military. I definitely believe in the Bill Of Rights.

What is your vision for your country and the world?

I wish it could be against joining the new world order. We should show some support to countries like Brazil and Poland.

What are Brazil and Poland doing about the NWO?

Brazil is turning independent from globalization. Poland seems to remember how life is under tyranny. There are a few nations that want independence from globalization. It’s really not clear what exactly they will do with their independence.

As far as education we are looking at masses of uneducated children because of modern Marxism.

I need to educate my own kids and grandkids.

Yes. My 16-year-old boy knows he needs to be very critical about everything they teach. He’s a Trump supporter though and I prefer the libertarian party. Lol

What can we as individuals do to bring about these changes?

We can become politicians to reverse the danger of tyranny. I thought about it myself.

I would vote for you… What can Self-determination advocates do to help?

Thanks! I’m a mountain-loving man who prefers independence. That’s a good question. I will have to think about an answer to that. But I think we have many core beliefs we can focus on. I think freedom is the only issue for me.

Freedom from government, where weapons are pointed at them and not the other way around.

I think that mountain-loving men who prefer their independence have a big part to play.

I agree. It’s ironic that I’m a proud veteran though. I love America with all my heart. It’s worth loving and dying for.

I love America too


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