James Pillion from Sussex County NJ

I actually have a long story but I’ll try to make it short. I found an anarchist podcast back in 2017 called the ex-worker podcast. At the time I didn’t know there were different branches of anarchism but I later found out they were anarcho-communists.

It was my introduction to the ideas. I loved their anti-government sentiments and I loved some of their alternatives like community watch groups instead of government police.

I wasn’t totally persuaded but I was really interested. I thought their economics were bad and their openness to beating people for saying things they didn’t like (Antifa) but the rest was cool.

Then I had a month-long Jeffersonian minarchist stage before I found about anarcho-capitalism. It had the antigovernmental feelings of anarcho-communists but the sound economics of libertarianism.

I read “Freedom!” By Adam Kokesh and “Anatomy of the State” by Rothbard and those two sealed the deal. And as I just stated, I was an anarcho-capitalist but in the past few months I’ve been influenced in different ways by so many different schools of anarchism (anarcho-individualism, agorism, Stirnerite egoism, and Anarcho primitivism) so I’ve considered calling myself an anarchist without adjectives but I’m definitely on the right side of the spectrum. 

A free market Anarchist, right-wing market anarchist, or anarchist without adjectives would all apply to me. I usually just call myself an anarchist when talking to others anyway.

I’d like to see more people wake up to the message of liberty, realize the evils of government for their true horror; police state, the surveillance state, loads of war, mass inflation through the federal reserve, gun bans, and more. 

I’d like to see all government abolished and I’d like to see a free flourishing stateless society. Sadly I don’t see these changes happening in good ways. I strongly believe there is no political solution. 

Voting won’t save us. Asking for laws to change won’t save us. I think the best option is secession. It seems like the options are either secession or civil war.

We should secede from all global organizations including NATO and the UN. Then every state should secede, then cities, then towns, then streets, then individual homes.

Secession could help avoid a civil war that seems to loom. If secession doesn’t work, I think a civil war may be inevitable. I also think agorism is great and teaching others about agorism.

The best way to get rid of the government is through delegitimization. Get everyone to see the government is just a criminal organization. When no one buys into the superstition of state power, there is no state power.

I’m not perfectly sure what SDA can do to help honestly, there are so many areas that need care. Spread the ideas of agorism. Encourage acts of rebellion from gardening and bartering with neighbors for products, to printing your own guns at home.

Anything to subvert the state. There’s a book called “Sedition, subversion, and sabotage field manual no.1” Would be a great book to encourage more people to read.

I also believe increasing charity efforts could help people see how the less fortunate can be helped in a stateless society. I also think the promotion of self-sufficiency is important as well. 

I like to try to live my life as if there is no state whenever possible if that makes sense. Just disregard it’s existence anytime you can. I currently work with two companies and it would be great for you to check them out!

Taxationistheft.info is where we host a podcast, sell merch, and have many resources to fight taxes. We also just kicked off our CBD company nuggofknowledge.com

We sell CBD flower with more items coming soon! We have a compassionate use program to donate CBD products to veterans and those with disabilities who can’t get it themselves.

We also actively fight the war on drugs and are working to lower regulations that make it hard for the little guy to enter the business!

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