Robert King and the Cape Independence Movement

How did you become a libertarian? 

Research online.

What kind of libertarian are you?

Classical liberal.

What would you like to see happen?

General restoration of economic freedom to people. Self-determination for both people and groups (cultural, ethnic, ideological)

Vision for the country and the world? 

In my home country, South Africa, I wish to see a free society in an independent Western Cape. Globally, more competitive governance.

How do you see these changes occurring? 

By improving the technologies that enable freedom (i.e. blockchain and seasteading.)

What can Self-Determination Advocates do to help? 

Provide support to organizations involved in the Western Cape independence movement.

Can I ask you three questions about the Western Cape Independence Movement?


What is the movement’s attitude toward freedom and a free market?

The main political party advocating for independence is a free-market orientated party (Cape Party) and many of the leading figures can be described as libertarians. Compared with the rest of the country, the Western Cape is also regarded as the most pro-capitalist region.

What is the movement’s attitude toward non-violence?

The movement is focused completely on non-violence. It aims to achieve independence through electoral means and non-violent protest (a protest was held in early December.)

What do you think are the odds of the movement’s success?

Support for independence currently stands at about 36% and I would expect that to rise higher if the campaign can become as well organized as Scottish or Catalan independence. Another poll also indicated that 10% may vote for pro-independence parties and force the governing party to have a referendum (which some have claimed they have the legal right to.)

Great, would you be willing to keep SDA informed about the movement and the situation in South Africa?

Will do. It is a fast-growing movement, so a lot of new details should emerge over the next few months. I would advise looking at some of the details on the cape party website and their manifesto. They’ve done a lot of research on the matter of economics in an independent Cape.

Cape Independence – CIAG – Let’s Free The Cape!

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