Paul Snover

• How did you become a libertarian?

I’m not a Libertarian. I was for a year (after 30+ years as a republican) but they were just another political party. I am now not registered, a nonvoter, have been for around 4+ years.

• What kind of libertarian are you?

I’m not. I am now supporting Voluntaryism such as presented by Larkin and Amanda Rose. Amanda Rose Presentation:

• What would you like to see happen?

Governments as we know them gone. People en masse realizing that Voluntaryism is possible and that government is just plain old bad, anti-freedom, or evil if you will. A great awakening to truth and a new grand renaissance of enlightenment.

• What is your vision for your country and the world?

I have and need no “country”, no government, no borders, no massive “crony” corporations. Freedom of Association. Free Trade. Free markets. Family comes first, then friends and loved ones, then neighbors. True honest Love is the way, living The Golden Rule is the main path to real freedom in this world.

• How do you see these changes occurring?

Education, information, acts of noncompliance, not giving consent, being a living example. Love. Peace. Personal responsibility. True Charity.

• What can Self-Determination Advocates do to help?

Share my cartoons and posts far and wide. Have discussions and watch helpful clips with family and friends. It begins with each of us changing our old paradigms of thinking and acting. Deny government access to your money.

NOTE- When I refer to the government it includes but is not limited to:

Politicians; agencies; agents; regulations; dictates; mandates; oligarchs; elites; technocrats; crony corporations; centralized and corporate banks; statists; and tyranny of all forms.

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  1. bluecat57 says:

    “Voluntaryism is possible…”

    Unless all people are inherently good and live only for the benefit of others, Voluntaryism is NOT possible.

    What is your assumption of basic human nature? Good or Evil?

    Even if “good”, if there is any self-interest in any human being, then Voluntaryism is NOT possible because at some point that one human will act on that self-interest and then cause harm to another human, who, if they have any self-interest, will act against that human.

    Has Self Determination Advocates ever done anything with either the talkshow or hosts of Free Talk Live?

    That is where I first heard about Voluntaryism years ago and was able to consider it as a political philosophy.

    Nice idea, as is libertarianism, but not particularly workable in a world in which self-interest is one of the basic features of human nature.

    I’m not familiar enough with this blog to know if it supports a Biblical view of human nature, but I do, so I will say that “evil” is the root feature of human nature and any political structure that is not designed to minimize that with negative consequences is unworkable.

    Just look at America today. All those people are not mad that Trump is not currently President, they are mad because evil is not being suppressed based on established laws. They simply want to see that those that are accused of violating a law are thoroughly investigated, if found to have violated a law are charged with the violation and that the violation is not simply dismissed because the prosecutor chooses not to prosecute. And that the investigation is NOT a frickin’ years long process which is meaningless once it is “completed” and simply filed as “no longer relevant”.

    “Justice delayed is justice denied”
    Olde Wisdom from Thee Frugal Curmudgeon


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