Sharon Presley

SP: Please don’t forget about women libertarians. All I see is guys on your page. Feature women on those pages too. Victoria Varga, for example editor for Libertarian Review

She is still around and on FB

JE: I will try to interview more women. How did you become libertarian, Sharon?

SP: I read Atlas Shrugged. Then became active in college at UC Berkeley.

JE: How old were you?

SP: 18

JE: So, how do you feel about Ayn Rand today?

SP: I think Rand had a lot of good things to say but had some blind spots. I appreciate the former and accept the latter.

JE: Did you enjoy being active at Berkeley?

SP: There was a conservative group but we libertarians always knew we were different. One of my fellow libs is on my FB today, BTW

JE: Was that after the free speech movement at Berkeley?

SP: I was there for the FSM


SP: No not YAF. Cal Conservatives for Political Action. Then the libs started the Alliance of Libertarian Activists.

JE: Yes, those were historic times at Berkeley I hear, I wasn’t there…

SP: I must record my thoughts on those times!

JE: So, how have you grown as a libertarian since those times?

SP: I have always been tolerant of other views. That has only grown. Maybe it’s because I am a psychologist and understand that people can have different values and still be good people.

JE: What “type” of libertarian are you?

SP: HAHA I hate that question because my view is mostly–let’s see what works. . I see anarchism as merely a lack of monopoly force. There must always be ways to protect people against coercion.

There would be ways in even an individualist anarchist society. Maybe it could work at some point in the future. Certainly not now.

JE: Yes, I understand… So, you see anarchism as a lack of monopoly force. What are your views of an ideal society and world?

SP: Yes, The idea that it is simply people running amok is silly. Not what the anarchists have ever said. I have read many of the Individualist anarchists.

JE: Who is your favorite individualist anarchist?

SP: Lysander Spooner

JE: What is it about Spooner?

SP: 1) He pointed out that none of us have actually agreed to the documents that we are obligated to abide by–he was a lawyer and figured that out.

2) He started a private post office that was much more efficient than the govt one so they closed him down.

JE: What if JO isn’t elected in November? How do I move the group from “party” mode into “agorist” mode?

SP: You mean the LP? Probably would require a change of personnel. I don’t like the LP very much. It’s not my kind of activism. I’m a writer.

JE: No, I mean the Self-determination Advocates group.

SP: Let me think about that;  I live out in the boonies where there are probably about 3 other libertarians besides me and my partner Art.

JE; will there be grief after the election?

SP: If Trump wins, yes!!

JE: Did I ask you about an ideal society/world?

SP: I’m a psychologist. I don’t think there is any such animal.  🙂

JE: Hehe, Utopia is nowhere! What advice do you have for new libertarians and the curious?

SP: Read the libertarian classics–  “The Libertarian Reader” by David Boaz especially. Depending on the level of interest and background, also Spooner, Tucker, Frank Chodorov.

JE: So, you are a psychologist and writer. Remember Nathaniel Brandon?

SP: Yes, I had lunch with him once. I like his ideas about psychology very much.

JE: What do you write about?

SP: I have two books–one written and one edited plus dozens of essays for

here are the ones I did for

JE: I recently ran across Étienne de la Boétie

SP: Ah, you saw my essay…

JE: Have you ever read “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World?”

SP: Of course, I knew Browne personally. I liked the book.

JE: Do you think the party is a group trap? How much freedom can we attain outside of politics?

How much of it is just in our heads? I’m not good at expressing myself sometimes.

SP: I think that many of them are stuck in a way of thinking that is old and not helpful. They need new ideas. They need to be doing things like what I describe on my page Compassionate Libertarianism

Anonimo asked that we not use his name because of the situation in Argentina

Anonimo asked that we not use his name because of the situation in Argentina

Anonimo: That will help us in Argentina

JE: What can I do to help?

Anonimo: The fascist government today will hold a loyalty march. And on 8N they will go out to kill the liberals who march against this government. They said it themselves

JE: Argentina, Freedom 6.47 #107, Economic #148, Col 36.41, LP – Liberal Libertarian Party; EFN Fundación Libertad Website:; Libertad y Progreso Website: http : //; 

New Country Project; Arauco; Proposed State: Patagonia, Pressure Group: Patagonian Independence Movement, Proposition: Secession of Argentine Patagonia.

Proposed State: en: Wallmapu; Pressure Group: en: Council of All Lands, Proposition: Self-determination for the Mapuche people.

Anonimo: Our minimum wage is less than Haiti’s. Besides property is not respected

JE: Are they going to kill all the classical liberals on November 8?

Anonimo: They call it idea basicamente (the basics?) And the Mapuches kill and usurp private property. And gays get subsidies.

And that’s why besides communism I hate gays.

JE: They don’t respect property rights or the rule of law?

Anonimo: None, The shots in Guernica’s are supported by the left. And they get into people’s houses. They stripped the army of Bariloche. And the ERP came back and is supported by the government

JE: The People’s Revolutionary Army (Spanish: Ejército Revolucionario del Pueblo, abbreviated as ERP) was the military branch of the communist Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores (PRT, Workers’ Revolutionary Party) in Argentina. …

Anonimo: On 8N the communists will go out to kill liberals.

JE: The Mapuche Indians don’t believe in private property, I know. Does the government subsidize being gay?

Anonimo: Yes, And it also subsidizes years. And people for having children. In short, they give away money without stopping to stay in power.

JE: It seems like a lot is happening. Can I post our conversation on my page?

Anonimo: Without my name, yes. Is that if you publish with my name, I am dead later. The problem is that there are many young people who support this.

And they say it is the imperialism of the USA, long live Che Guevara, and the revolution. The Peronists are Nazis who joined with the Communists. March in support of the government in the elimination of private property.

JE: Ok I will post it anonymously.

Anonimo: March in support of the government in the elimination of private property. I think you must see a military intervention from nato.

JE: Is there any way to get out of the country, visit “relatives”?

Anonimo: We can not; prohibited from leaving even from the provinces. But gays and Mapuches can do whatever they want. In short only if you are from the government.

They censor the Internet!

Marty McAncapistan

Marty McAncapistan


MM: Shoot some guns for me…

JE: In OZ you have to belong to a gun club or some such?

MM: Country cousins have guns… Depending on the gun, depends on keeping your gun time up. Hence gun clubs.

JE: You have cousins with guns?

MM: Yeh… I’m from the country; Live in the city, Brisbane.

JE: Do they monitor how much time you spend on the range?

MM: For handguns, yes… need to do min hours to keep them…

JE: You classical liberal or anarchist?

MM: Need to keep in safes etc. Anarchist; I don’t need a master.

JE: How did you become anarchist?

MM: I trade the share market. Learned about fed reserve truth. Here I am; I woke myself up.

JE: You are a trader?

MM: Yup, Up 45% this yr. Index funds. New system out soon…

JE: Good job… I do that Harry Browne Permanent portfolio. You have a “new system?”

MM: Watch this: Superannuation Re-balancing Strategy Testing complete…

JE: It’s weird Human Freedom Index says Oz is freer than the USA, but we have the second amendment here. Comment?

MM: BS. The US is freer.

JE: Do you know much about the Swiss central bank? Why is it the freest countries have central banks? The only ones without a central bank are Iran, North Korea… etc? Swiss do it better than the US!

MM: It?

JE: Central Banking. Most everything; even cookoo clocks.

MM: Depends on what you want…

JE: So, you are a day trader?

MM: Nah, Index funds. Maybe 1 trade every 6 months. Average 3-4 a yr.

JE: Got you, you said that…

MM: Elephant trader

JE: I trade once a month; when I get my pension.

MM: In what??

JE: ETF; Harry Browne’s permanent portfolio.

MM: Cool, what’s your day job?

JE: Retired… you?

MM: I mean… what’s your background? I was Mech Eng.

JE: Kinda Agorist…

MM: Then financial planner. Yup, trees.

JE: Bunch of measly ass minimum wage jobs…

MM: Now, full-time strategic inv consultant.

JE: Worked 6 months/year so I didn’t have to pay income tax

MM: Ok… So, you do tech or fundamental analysis??

JE: Did some freelance writing for business journals, Some concert promoting during the ‘80s, tried my hand at a lot of things… sometimes I would go back for a second day! LOL! Supported myself; Stayed out of jail. 

Not sure I should be proud of that. What’s your system? So you are a ME? That must be fascinating.

MM: Was… Not since 2012.

JE: Got tired of it?

MM: No work; All in China.

JE: I see, so you read about the central banks and that changed you?

MM: Yup, Zeitgeist video Then 9-11 was next. Rabbit hole; Entered.

JE: How have you grown since then?

MM: Lots.

JE: Was it a specific video?

MM: That was in 2007. Youtube zeitgeist “Federal Reserve.” Prob gone now.

JE: So any advice for a new anarchist or the curious?

MM: Everything you know is a lie; All a game. You’re a patsy.

JE: Start there?

MM: Or get in on it. I hope they keep printing money… Ends up in my funds… My system works on any investment, Bitcoin, funds, shares, etc

Face of Liberty International

Leonard Adeyinka OGUNWEIDE  

Face of Liberty International (FLI)


I have always had a flair for equal justice, individual human rights, limited government, and freedom of speech from when I was a kid. Coming across the liberty movement in 2013 through African Liberty Students Organisation in my school looks like a platform to actually bring my inner voice out.

I swung in and became active In the movement. I volunteered with Students For Liberty from 2014 – 2020. Graduated from Atlas Network in 2019. Currently, I run my own libertarian Think-tank in Africa called Face of Liberty International (FLI) (

My vision for FLI is to live up her name and become the notable face of liberty in Africa by putting the song of freedom on the lips of all Africans. Plans: At FLI, we are focusing on four ways to actualize our dream objective:

1) FLI Media Channel

FLI Media channel on Youtube called The Liberty Show with Leon is used to dish out information about Free Market, Entrepreneurship, Book Reviews, and recommendation to our listeners and subscribers.

2) FLI Outreach events can take on any type of format that best suits the location and situation. Popular events hosted by FLI include policy-based discussions, practical educational skills, self-defense classes, hosting a Speaker/Professor/Local leader, discussions on local issues, and movie screenings. 

Social elements to these events allow attendees to connect, build relationships, and promote the ideas of liberty.

3) FLI Leadership Training

Active leaders with FLI are invited to participate in our annual FLI Leadership Retreat. Previous training topics include Writing op-eds, on-camera media training, personal branding, reaching out to your school board/church/political party about liberty, public speaking, and more.

FLI provides skills-based training to help leaders reach their personal and professional goals and become strong communicators of libertarian ideas. Training is offered virtually around the world.

FLI is always looking for educators and opportunities to provide training to liberty-minded individuals. Please contact if you would like to volunteer as an instructor or provide a space for us to hold a training in your area.

4) FLI Speakers Bureau

FLI provides an invaluable tool to event producers and organizers by offering a searchable database of over 70 leaders available to speak throughout the world on a variety of issues. 

FLI promotes the work of Speakers Bureau members through regular updates and social media. To be included in our FLIs Speakers Bureau, please send an email with your information and examples of your work to

What Challenges do you face?

First, as it is common for any start-up think-tank or any organization especially in the continent of Africa, the starting fund to run most of our laid-down activities is not available.

Second, we have limited volunteers to work with.

How can we help?

We need donors, angel investors, patrons, and sponsors/partners for what we are doing and intend to do at FLI to drive societal change. We want more volunteers from around the continent of Africa and beyond to share in the vision of FLI.

Timothy John Duffield

How did you become libertarian?

It came naturally to me. I was libertarian and later found out there was a Party by that name. I believe in the ideals of individual liberty, individual responsibility, private property, and free markets.

Why run for office?

I’m seeking office because my heart is invested in my community.

What are the issues in the campaign?

Visit to learn more!

What do you want to accomplish in office?

To serve the people of our great state by protecting them from their government. 

How can we help?

Donate to the campaign at

Follow us @Duffield4tx on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Like, Comment, and Share the posts. 

Get in touch if you’d like to help spread the word and put up yard signs.