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Money, Guns, and War

Three keystones are; Money, Guns and War.  Those three issues will really strike at the whole basis of the empire. Money: Ron Paul told folks, we’ve got to end the Fed and challenge the federal reserve monopoly. So, many folks became early adopters of cryptocurrency and now professional economists are starting to wonder if this…

Jeff Miller

September 17th Crestview Terrace Jeff Miller Candidate for State House Lives in College Station, Texas Chair of Brazos County Libertarian Party Elkins: Jeff, What do you think about the Lawsuit? Some of us don’t know anything. Jeff: I think it’s a joke that the incumbent Republican would be “injured” by having to compete with me,…

Secession in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Another less well known, but equally interesting case of admission of the right to secession is to be found in the federal republic of Saint Kitts and Nevis, comprising those two homonymous islands in the Caribbean. The 1983 Constitution grants the smaller island —Nevis— the unilateral right to secede. The rule specifies that independence must…

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