Paul Snover

• How did you become a libertarian?

I’m not a Libertarian. I was for a year (after 30+ years as a republican) but they were just another political party. I am now not registered, a nonvoter, have been for around 4+ years.

• What kind of libertarian are you?

I’m not. I am now supporting Voluntaryism such as presented by Larkin and Amanda Rose. Amanda Rose Presentation:

• What would you like to see happen?

Governments as we know them gone. People en masse realizing that Voluntaryism is possible and that government is just plain old bad, anti-freedom, or evil if you will. A great awakening to truth and a new grand renaissance of enlightenment.

• What is your vision for your country and the world?

I have and need no “country”, no government, no borders, no massive “crony” corporations. Freedom of Association. Free Trade. Free markets. Family comes first, then friends and loved ones, then neighbors. True honest Love is the way, living The Golden Rule is the main path to real freedom in this world.

• How do you see these changes occurring?

Education, information, acts of noncompliance, not giving consent, being a living example. Love. Peace. Personal responsibility. True Charity.

• What can Self-Determination Advocates do to help?

Share my cartoons and posts far and wide. Have discussions and watch helpful clips with family and friends. It begins with each of us changing our old paradigms of thinking and acting. Deny government access to your money.

NOTE- When I refer to the government it includes but is not limited to:

Politicians; agencies; agents; regulations; dictates; mandates; oligarchs; elites; technocrats; crony corporations; centralized and corporate banks; statists; and tyranny of all forms.

Robert King and the Cape Independence Movement

How did you become a libertarian? 

Research online.

What kind of libertarian are you?

Classical liberal.

What would you like to see happen?

General restoration of economic freedom to people. Self-determination for both people and groups (cultural, ethnic, ideological)

Vision for the country and the world? 

In my home country, South Africa, I wish to see a free society in an independent Western Cape. Globally, more competitive governance.

How do you see these changes occurring? 

By improving the technologies that enable freedom (i.e. blockchain and seasteading.)

What can Self-Determination Advocates do to help? 

Provide support to organizations involved in the Western Cape independence movement.

Can I ask you three questions about the Western Cape Independence Movement?


What is the movement’s attitude toward freedom and a free market?

The main political party advocating for independence is a free-market orientated party (Cape Party) and many of the leading figures can be described as libertarians. Compared with the rest of the country, the Western Cape is also regarded as the most pro-capitalist region.

What is the movement’s attitude toward non-violence?

The movement is focused completely on non-violence. It aims to achieve independence through electoral means and non-violent protest (a protest was held in early December.)

What do you think are the odds of the movement’s success?

Support for independence currently stands at about 36% and I would expect that to rise higher if the campaign can become as well organized as Scottish or Catalan independence. Another poll also indicated that 10% may vote for pro-independence parties and force the governing party to have a referendum (which some have claimed they have the legal right to.)

Great, would you be willing to keep SDA informed about the movement and the situation in South Africa?

Will do. It is a fast-growing movement, so a lot of new details should emerge over the next few months. I would advise looking at some of the details on the cape party website and their manifesto. They’ve done a lot of research on the matter of economics in an independent Cape.

Cape Independence – CIAG – Let’s Free The Cape!

James Pillion from Sussex County NJ

I actually have a long story but I’ll try to make it short. I found an anarchist podcast back in 2017 called the ex-worker podcast. At the time I didn’t know there were different branches of anarchism but I later found out they were anarcho-communists.

It was my introduction to the ideas. I loved their anti-government sentiments and I loved some of their alternatives like community watch groups instead of government police.

I wasn’t totally persuaded but I was really interested. I thought their economics were bad and their openness to beating people for saying things they didn’t like (Antifa) but the rest was cool.

Then I had a month-long Jeffersonian minarchist stage before I found about anarcho-capitalism. It had the antigovernmental feelings of anarcho-communists but the sound economics of libertarianism.

I read “Freedom!” By Adam Kokesh and “Anatomy of the State” by Rothbard and those two sealed the deal. And as I just stated, I was an anarcho-capitalist but in the past few months I’ve been influenced in different ways by so many different schools of anarchism (anarcho-individualism, agorism, Stirnerite egoism, and Anarcho primitivism) so I’ve considered calling myself an anarchist without adjectives but I’m definitely on the right side of the spectrum. 

A free market Anarchist, right-wing market anarchist, or anarchist without adjectives would all apply to me. I usually just call myself an anarchist when talking to others anyway.

I’d like to see more people wake up to the message of liberty, realize the evils of government for their true horror; police state, the surveillance state, loads of war, mass inflation through the federal reserve, gun bans, and more. 

I’d like to see all government abolished and I’d like to see a free flourishing stateless society. Sadly I don’t see these changes happening in good ways. I strongly believe there is no political solution. 

Voting won’t save us. Asking for laws to change won’t save us. I think the best option is secession. It seems like the options are either secession or civil war.

We should secede from all global organizations including NATO and the UN. Then every state should secede, then cities, then towns, then streets, then individual homes.

Secession could help avoid a civil war that seems to loom. If secession doesn’t work, I think a civil war may be inevitable. I also think agorism is great and teaching others about agorism.

The best way to get rid of the government is through delegitimization. Get everyone to see the government is just a criminal organization. When no one buys into the superstition of state power, there is no state power.

I’m not perfectly sure what SDA can do to help honestly, there are so many areas that need care. Spread the ideas of agorism. Encourage acts of rebellion from gardening and bartering with neighbors for products, to printing your own guns at home.

Anything to subvert the state. There’s a book called “Sedition, subversion, and sabotage field manual no.1” Would be a great book to encourage more people to read.

I also believe increasing charity efforts could help people see how the less fortunate can be helped in a stateless society. I also think the promotion of self-sufficiency is important as well. 

I like to try to live my life as if there is no state whenever possible if that makes sense. Just disregard it’s existence anytime you can. I currently work with two companies and it would be great for you to check them out! is where we host a podcast, sell merch, and have many resources to fight taxes. We also just kicked off our CBD company

We sell CBD flower with more items coming soon! We have a compassionate use program to donate CBD products to veterans and those with disabilities who can’t get it themselves.

We also actively fight the war on drugs and are working to lower regulations that make it hard for the little guy to enter the business!

Efrem Jose Cedillo

From Private Cedillo to Commando

How did you become a libertarian, and what kind of libertarian are you?

Well I was an anarchist as s teenager. I learned how insane Marxism is at the University of Wisconsin, today I believe in limited government. I’m libertarian but I’m not sure where my beliefs compare with other libertarians.

I am against all socialism especially socialized healthcare and military. I definitely believe in the Bill Of Rights.

What is your vision for your country and the world?

I wish it could be against joining the new world order. We should show some support to countries like Brazil and Poland.

What are Brazil and Poland doing about the NWO?

Brazil is turning independent from globalization. Poland seems to remember how life is under tyranny. There are a few nations that want independence from globalization. It’s really not clear what exactly they will do with their independence.

As far as education we are looking at masses of uneducated children because of modern Marxism.

I need to educate my own kids and grandkids.

Yes. My 16-year-old boy knows he needs to be very critical about everything they teach. He’s a Trump supporter though and I prefer the libertarian party. Lol

What can we as individuals do to bring about these changes?

We can become politicians to reverse the danger of tyranny. I thought about it myself.

I would vote for you… What can Self-determination advocates do to help?

Thanks! I’m a mountain-loving man who prefers independence. That’s a good question. I will have to think about an answer to that. But I think we have many core beliefs we can focus on. I think freedom is the only issue for me.

Freedom from government, where weapons are pointed at them and not the other way around.

I think that mountain-loving men who prefer their independence have a big part to play.

I agree. It’s ironic that I’m a proud veteran though. I love America with all my heart. It’s worth loving and dying for.

I love America too


Brent Jake

Agree with me, disagree with me, I don’t care. I love discussing ideas and a friendly debate…

I used to be a “team red elephant” Republican, but in 2008 I started listening to Ron Paul, I loved his fiscal conservatism but at that time, I still listened to people like Rush Limbaugh, and believed the whole “fight them over there, so we won’t have to fight them over here” stuff.

I originally supported Ron, then by caucus day here in MN, I switched to (I’m ashamed to say) Mitt Romney, and eventually to McCain. Eventually I started listening to Jason Lewis on the radio, by 2012, I was on fire for Ron Paul.

After Jason Lewis “went Galt” in 2014, I discovered Tom Woods, and I guess as they say, the rest is history. I’m on team AnCap, as probably stating that I am influenced by Tom Woods, gave away.

My vision is a voluntary society with minimal at most government intervention. A dream I’ve had is to start a school of entrepreneurial studies where young people who have fallen into the underground economy are taught how to transfer those skills for good.

Brett Lee

Transparent and Authentic AF!

Hardcore Libertarian!


How did you become interested in Self-Determination?

You invited me to the group, then asked me to look at a website that the link given took me to some admin portal only though, and never pushed it further though.

Just been a member of this group since my time is occupied with other things, sometimes offline. 

What kind of Advocate do you identify as?

If I were to have a collective to identify with more so than others, I guess it’s the police accountability advocate followed by what I guess they are called is “truthers” as the collective of this type of activist, then thirdly libertarianism, so forth. 

I believe in individualism very greatly, the same individualist concepts applied in all 3 above.

What would you like to see happen? What is your vision for your country and the world? What would I reasonably like to see happen, what would I desire to happen without limits, and what is my goal to make happen in this world are all completely different answers. 

(Reasonably) I would like to see us as a country take control again of our government again and lead the world as an influence, not a force. The dependency mindset is from a very trained mindset with both oppression and terrorism to those that oppose within most eastern and southern cultures. 

Most Americans haven’t read their Declaration of Independence, let alone can repeat their Bill of (INALIENABLE) Rights. These are the 10 basic ideas of God-given/born-with rights to human life. 

Who is so foolish to be so WILLFULLY Ignorant of their own rights and why they have them? The oppressed within state education curriculum rather than the local demands curriculum as it once was supporting parents rights over the state’s oxymoron of rights as a corporate entity as they make the excuse to call themselves here. 

The moment we see that we need demand for independence again, we will see an uprising in limitations in demand across the spectrum. When the Government doesn’t meet this demand amongst the people, people assume they will use the powers they have against the people rather than supply limited government, including in the Declaration of Independence’s worst-case assumption giving us a right of revolution. 

Instead of letting the tree of liberty rot, we need it to ripen. We can all reasonably see this happen with plenty of civil options to force the government’s hand once we have over 3.5% of the population demanding independence and ripple effecting this message to greater united lengths again. 

Anyone that assumes government power is anything’s greater than their efficiency is oppressed. If anything, the government is infamously known to arm the enemy. Stories I hear from vets wasn’t a psyop with the enemy, it was laziness and cutting corners to save time within their spending budgets. 

Personally, I support the constitutional republic as the lesser evil of government including anarchy. Returning us to a minimal state is completely reasonable to civilly obtain in our lifetime again with the right members being elected to fill this demand. 

The worries of vote integrity have been challenged since Bush in 01 won with machines that gave out incorrect readings without accountability to my knowledge alone.

We want more accountability in these elections. We need to practice what we preach and create a third-party nonprofit that can hold integrity to the voting systems. 

If that’s getting donations to massively call centers merely to request who they are voting to hold accountability to the election results rather than being used for any person’s analytics could be a true source of evidence. 

A private business will care more about the integrity of its result than a department. Double names, dead names, etc would be more easily checked than even our cheap voting system we use. 

We have so many ways to help the integrity of our systems besides running our mouth. People act like they rather complain than hold such integrity to these systems at times sadly, it’s nothing new.  

(My Way) If I had my way, I would restore the constitutional republic and have a system of election based on who would serve rather than election via democracy.

I would offer voluntary taxation to supply and demand governments temporary programs that never seem to stay temporary. The same way you file a W-2 would be how we know to collect for let’s say Roads, USPS, SSI, Conservation Efforts, etc that people often support funding.

I would end the War on Drugs which has caused more persecution from racism via collective profile, lack of accountability, etc. than any other thing in recent history within America. 

I would keep the courts and restore peace by killing police as law enforcement off for peacekeepers. We need more towns like Andy Griffith, not Chicago 911.

The only thing stopping us is the government acting like slave keepers holding the fields down in enforcement. Like George Washington and MLK Jr, both have stated, “if a law is unjust, you are more than obligated to break it.”

You can’t have a fair trial when the trial is based on participating in the criminal act rather than justice in the individual’s situation again.

(My Goal) What I want to see happen in my lifetime that I can try to influence is the local area around me. Currently, I don’t know if this is my final settlement or not locally in WV as with how gov acts, but that’s everywhere. 

My goal would be to change and influence what I can locally to create a world better than what I left it. To me, that means a more small L Libertarians sense. No one knows what’s best for you than you. 

If that means I run for sheriff to run my mouth only to plant the seeds, so be it. If that means getting out there and being mocked, so be it. Not everyone has learned how to handle this message of liberty in the age of security, but the best argument is to the one that questions everything. 

He or she will have tough times for many others. The simplicity and honor of the message to me is the most important part of being undisputable. Did Jesus need to break your ears with his parables? 

Or did he shorten things into metaphors that made sense? This is why I enjoy cool trends like Behrman’s TaxationIsTheft, cause without consent it is regardless of how we joke or justify its existence.

Like the old proverb, “they can try to bury us, but they did not know we were seeds.” I personally like to work more behind the scene than run for office or anything, but when we have no one else willing to and you know about this demand, I feel we are more than obligated to do this when we can if we want to see the change in the world that we claim we want to see. 

In my eyes, it’s that any and all liberty we hand over we might as well expect to be a slave, as HL Mencken regularly used to point out back in the 1900s and as I see it no different today.

How do you see these changes occurring?

How is the easiest part once we have created the demand. The demand for individualism is the goal here; to ripen the tree of liberty again. That takes blood, sweat, and tears (many aren’t willing to break) to do. 

Those that are are creating that ripple that has finally reached youth as much as the other sides have. This hits them, as Vermin Supreme points out, where children are naturally rebellious.

This ripple effect reached these stubborn youth better than any authoritarian message ever will. Why? Cause it connects the dots their authoritarian parenting parents never did.

You can’t have blind obedience and expect loyalty from rebellion. Morals teach what we need to know. Morals in the individualist message show how to be moral rather than obedient so you are never lost for loyalty in the same light. 

Most worry about the infighting of self-proclaimed Individuals, but they haven’t seen the NewGen Consoles on an FPS lobby like COD or Destiny, etc. Some of the freest talking and malicious speech you could ever hear will be spoken there on all sides. 

The true free world will sound scary, but really it’d just be everyone expressing themselves freely again. The NPC professionalism lifestyle has gone too far into private people’s lives.

All of this is reachable by influences like such above and a proper message being the downfall of government by creating a ruthless demand for minimal Government like no other. 

The true gamble will be, would they use the powers they have to keep the powers they have from preventing the people from demanding liberty again.

If so, what then and why is that talk so censored within the 2A mainstream culture when preventing foreign and domestic terrorism by definition is the 2A’s purpose. 

Terrorism is intimidating people and seek of a political aim. If terrorism by definition doesn’t define our modern idea for our justice system from the police to how the feds treat Snowden, I don’t know what does. 

We need to expel these ideas in my honest opinion. When we do we succeed.

What can Self-Determination Advocates do to help?

Not sure what this group could do to help with this activism style advocacy besides take awareness of these ideas of demands in indivisible natures. I don’t follow the group like I do some I source often for my activism but figured I’d take the time to answer these questions.

Emily Brown

social market anarchist, trans, autistic, philosophizer, language-maker, nerd 我很痛苦 请帮忙我

How did you become a libertarian?

It started off gradually, then I got pushed far over the edge pretty hard by a video. I used to be a conservative long, long ago — however, I was compelled to question some of the inconsistencies I saw in conservative ideas; in rhetoric — specifically, with the idea of liberty. 

I spent a lot of time thinking on the subject, which gradually pushed me slightly more libertarian over time. Then I stumbled on a video by the YouTuber StormCloudsGathering called the “Declaration of Natural Rights,” which introduced me to the idea of the non-aggression principle and put a lot of things together for me. 

That pushed me over the edge pretty fast; deep into libertarian territory. My thinking has evolved beyond that video since then, but it was still instrumental to me getting past the hump of my own biases toward mainstream politics and introducing me to new possibilities.

What kind of libertarian are you?

Centrist libertarian and social market anarchist. I don’t really agree with any existing schools of thought, so I have put together my own — mutual autonomy.

What would you like to see happen? What is your vision for your country and the world?

Mutual respect for personal autonomy.

How do you see that occurring?

Direct action, mutual aid, counter-economics, and ultimately insurrection — or else not at all.

Andrew Jewell (The Badger)

Secretary at Libertarian Party of Dallas County

So my political involvement started with the “Tea Party” movement and a focus on 2a rights. But I gradually realized the GOP would never actually stand for individual freedom, only class preference. 

I voted Libertarian first in 2016, got involved with the Libertarian Party in 2019, ran as a Libertarian for Dallas County Commissioner District 3 in 2020, pulling 5.47% in a three-way race.

I used to describe myself as an Anarchocapitalist. But so many people have used that term to hide hateful and even bigoted behavior. I now use the term Free Market Anarchist.

I believe that unfettered by any governmental favoritism and restraint, people and communities will take care of their own, and the market provides for what needs arise.

What I want to see is the deregulation of anything that doesn’t harm others. The most immediate steps are; ending the War on Drugs in America, the control and attack on individual arms ownership (a free man’s last defense), and removing the system of taxation that results in over 50% of income being stolen by the government, before all is said and done.

A one-world government is the antithesis of human advancement. The greatest minority is the individual, and the right to self-determination must start there or it matters not.

Texas secession could be a great step. Catalonia’s ongoing dissatisfaction with Spanish oppression is another sign. Parts of Italy and Brazil have been seething under their voices being stolen for decades.

And that says nothing over the American and UN empires meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations the world over. We have to leave everyone else alone.

“Help” is only help, if asked. Consent matters. The only way this will come to be is via resistance. Peaceful, as much as possible. But as the American Declaration of Independence says, “But, when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”

Peace is always preferred. But if oppression will not back down for reason, then free men the world over need to support each other in united voices. Educating the general public the world round on all the groups being silenced, and the peoples being oppressed, is a noble cause. 

What can Self-Determination Advocates do to help? I don’t know if it is permitted by its charter, but any support of those advocating self-determination and individual freedom is great. Getting our voices heard is the biggest struggle. 

Interviewing those fighting for freedom, for themselves or for others, and spreading their words can hopefully inspire more to speak up. Catalonia’s struggle is a large part of what inspired me to be more involved locally. 

Maybe my words could inspire others. We don’t have to accept the silence. We all deserve to speak and be heard. We all have a responsibility to humankind to unite with others and help them be heard as well.

Celeste Garrett

I think I have always been a Libertarian and just didn’t know what to call it. I first learned of the LP in 2015 and I was like FINALLY! Other people believe government should be fiscally responsible as well as stay out of day to day life as much as possible!

I don’t subscribe to any specific caucuses – I believe that sort of division is unnecessary and hurts the cause of liberty. That said, I am very much a MYOB Voluntaryist Libertarian.

I believe the more we try to regulate each other rather than educate or help each other, the more we allow those in power to stay in power. We are often being played and we need to see it and stop participating. 

What I would LOVE to see in my country is a stop to the growth of government. It seems any time anything happens, more laws and more restrictions and more departments are established – all at OUR expense. 

Nobody asked me if I wanted to pay for such regulation (I don’t). And yet here I am, working nonstop to eke money for food while also supporting many programs with which I don’t even agree. 

Also, most programs don’t help the way they are intended. They are so heavy laden with special interests and restrictions and requirements that in the end they just cost everyone more.

I would like to see a drastic decrease in spending overall and allow the market to correct. I would like to see an increased focus on community, trade, and working together.

Until we can do this, those in power will remain in power because we’re too busy fighting each other. I am also aware that these are grand paradigm shifts and that I am only one person.

So I do what I can through my interactions with others, as well as by supporting Libertarian candidates and causes as well as welcoming newcomers to the party. 

From what I can see, Self-Determine Advocates is an international organization. While I believe Liberty is for all, I also think it’s important that we recognize that we can most affect change within our own personal interactions and in our own communities.